Cardiology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system.






Cardiovascular diseases are one of the main causes of premature death or early disability. According to data from various sources, 40% to 60% of all death cases are caused by heart diseases. Cardiovascular pathologies are rapidly “getting younger”. In other words, more and more young people suffer from them. That is why regular checkups with a cardiologist are necessary to ensure a long and healthy life. 






The fastest and most effective way to learn what's with your heart and get quality help from specialists is to go to our clinic.










Symptoms that need your attention:

   Pain in the heart area; 

  Despnea at routine physical activities;

  Continuous weakness;

  Any irregularities in heart function (arrhytmias);

  Legs swelling;

  Blood pressure issues (hypertension).

Fortunately, modern diagnostic methods allow specialists to find the cause of this symptoms and determine how serious a threat is. If treatment is started in a timely manner and the correct drugs are selected, then in most cases it is possible to do without surgical intervention.

Today, modern cardiology gives all patients a real chance to get quality examination and treatment at an affordable price. Sometimes it is enough to change the way of life or reduce the burden on the heart.

It is very important to pay attention to nutrition. Some foods and beverages have a harmful effect on the heart’s work.

Among the most popular methods of diagnosis are: electrocardiography. This method is often used in cardiology to diagnose сardiovascular diseases.

To determine the condition of the heart, ultrasound diagnosis or echocardiography is also used in the clinic. This is a simple, effective and painless diagnostic method that helps determine how much the heart valve and heart function have changed.

Most of the heart problems can be solved by a cardiologists in our clinic. Experienced specialists have been trained in the best cardiologists and are able to diagnose and cure even the most complex diseases of the heart.

If you or your family have a heart attack, or there are dangerous symptoms - you need to immediately contact our clinic immediately and our experienced cardiologists will diagnose and prescribe treatment.



In our clinic work exceptionally highly professional cardiologists who will be able to cure not only an adult but also a small child. The cost of diagnostics is quite affordable. You can apply for services in our clinic at any time. We know how to take care of your heart.



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