Neurology is a field of medicine that specializes in studying the mechanisms and causes of pathologies of the nervous system. The neurologist in Kiev deals with the treatment of diseases of the brain and spinal cord, as well as peripheral nerves.




Our clinic employs highly qualified and experienced neurologists who will quickly establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment. We guarantee an individual approach to each of our patients and use the most modern diagnostic equipment and quality reliable drugs and procedures that help to get rid of painful symptoms and significantly improve the condition in the presence of chronic ailments.

You can make an appointment with a neurologist at our clinic by phone. The manager will help you to choose a convenient time for your visit and will write to one of our specialists.





The main symptoms of diseases of the nervous system


Consultation with a neurologist is necessary in the presence of the following symptoms:

  Regular headaches;


  Pain in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine;

  Numbness of limbs;

  Increased fatigue, irritability, emotional disturbances;

  Sleep disorders;

  Lack of coordination;

  Cases of loss of consciousness;


Neurology in Kiev is also necessary for patients who have suffered a stroke and after craniocerebral injuries. In this case, regular follow-up care is required.




Neurological diseases manifest themselves in almost all people! Therefore, a neurologist should be examined annually. Modern diagnostic methods allow medical specialists to detect the disease at the earliest stage of development and to prescribe treatment in a time.



What diseases are treated by a neurologist?



  Diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis, radiculitis,pinched nerves, etc.);

  Diseases of the brain (lack of cerebral circulation, intracranial pressure, strokes, meningitis, etc.);

  Degenerative states of the nervous system (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases,dementia, etc.);

  State after trauma (craniocerebral trauma, spinal injury, concussion, etc.);

  Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (neuralgia, neuropathy, etc.).




Methods of diagnosis and treatment



  Visual examination and collection of anamnesis;

  Laboratory examinations;



  КТ и МРТ;

  CT and MRI;



Methods of treatment


  Drug therapy;

  Various procedures of physiotherapy;


  Surgical intervention.


How to prepare for a neurologist examination?


Special preparation for a visit to a neurologist in our clinic is not required. If you have the results of tests or examinations (CT,MRI, etc.), extracts from the medical history, etc., take these documents with you. They will help the doctor to make a complete clinical picture.



Diseases of the nervous system affect the quality of life. With our help you will get rid of constant pain. Improve your health and get health!





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