Vein disorders



You have prominent veins and vascular spiders on your legs? You urgently need to see a phlebologist! Phlebology is a modern medical specialty entirely devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of problems relating to major veins and arteries. Varicose veins are not only a cosmetic issue. Thinned vessel walls can’t adequately perform their functions and this results in bad supply nutrients and oxygen to the limbs, fluid retention in the tissues, eventually leading to swelling, cramping, drawing pain, shortened walking duration trouble performing a job requiring prolonged standing.




A phlebologist in our clinic will examine your veins and assign a supportive therapy if necessary. Phlebology in Kyiv is often associated with surgical intervention. Surgeons, using the most modern methods, can return your veins to proper conditions. Women once again may put on a mini-skirt. Men won’t be embarrassed to change clothes around or on the beach. And, most importantly, painful symptoms accompanying vascular disease will disappear.



When to visit a phlebologist?


If your legs have been bothering you for a long time, and there are already blue protruding veins - a doctor, of course, will assign a treatment and will take them in order using conservative methods or radical surgery. However, it is better to visit a doctor early when the problem is still small. Then, the treatment will be more effective and recovery will be faster.

The signs you should pay attention to:

  swollen feet in the evening, even if you haven’t been running from morning to evening wearing heels;

  cramps bothering you at night, drawing pain in muscles, not associated with excessive physical exertion;

  veins become prominent and appear darker.




All of these are a reasons for an urgent visit to a phlebologist. Even if your veins have quite presentable appearance at the moment, these symptoms indicate an early stage of the disease. The sooner treatment is started, the more effective it will be. You could avoid operative intervention, keep performance capacity and attractive appearancefor a long time.



It is necessary to regularly visit a phlebologist, even if you don’t have signs of vascular disease of extremities, if there already have been cases of varicose veins, venous insufficiency, thrombophlebitis, lower limb atherosclerosis in your family history.

Specialized surveillance wouldn’t be out of place for those whose professional activity is associated with increased weight bearing, particularly prolonged standing in one place (for example, a cashier standing at the counter for the whole day), lifting and carrying heavy objects, wearing uncomfortable shoes with high heels, or on the contrary, if you spend your working day behind a desk.

We advise regular phlebologist consultations in Kyiv for pregnant women, people with excess weight, flat feet, or hormonal problems. All these factors can contribute to the development of diseases of veins and arteries in the legs.



What methods does a phlebologist use for diagnosis and treatment?



In addition to medical examination, study of medical history, complaints of the patient, the doctor will order a specialized vascular ultrasound study - Doppler sonography, which evaluates the state patency and elasticity of vessel walls inaccessible to visual observation. If problems with blood vessels are found  their degree of severity will evaluate and the doctor may assign preventive, supportive or exercise therapy, massage, hydrotherapy.

Our specialists use medications that strengthen the vessel walls, diet, contributing to weight loss (obesity). In addition, it is important that phlebology, as a medical specialty, acts comprehensively in cooperation with doctors of other specialties. At least, such an approach is used in our clinic. Because varicose veins is rarely an independent issue. Most often, a patient has an assortment of accompanying diseases, which are also in need of therapy.

For surgical treatment we also use the most modern methods: sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, laser photocoagulation. Such methods of vessel walls recovery don’t leave scars, and the postoperative rehabilitation process is quick and painless. 


Do you want beautiful and healthy feet? Visit aphlebologistin our clinic.





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